One more to this series -

This case was so famous that it came out through other news outlet around the globe including Kenya.

Here is one more

Teachers cheating is not limited to one country, and here is one more example.

Education and Reality:

In the past, I had assigned several projects to my public health and data analytics students on this topic.

First part - Teachers are there to teach, and not to police classes; For that reason, I agree with that statement...

Food/Crop Management

Avatar II - Interesting Article on Energy Management and Global Climate Changes

Continuation of Avatar II

Thinking and Serious Topic

Monkey Business

This has been an issue not only here, but also in many other places around the globe.

Spread of Rumors - Mark Twain vs Current Times presented through a famous balloon video.

Leadership: Dr. Srikanth Srinivasan Kidambi:

Semmelweis reflex

Hypothesis Testing - What is it?

Logo Video - There are certain things in the world that remains the same to a larger extent, and what Mickey points...

Common theme in many parts of the world

Unoccupied homes - India

Dated by couple of years, but still relevant

#Badmaash Company Movie Connection - What is it?