Spirituality, Animal Kingdom, and Management Lessons - Friday Wisdom

The below "Social Trends" album presents the long term social trends in a humorous way.

LegalDhoom presenting Big Bang Team's patenting dilemma - What do youthink about their decision?

KOREA UNIFICATION - Interesting Discussion

This is not for or against any President, but solely based on facts. There are several aspects to this discussion:

What do you think on retirement age for politicians?

This is why we put forth the importance of the sayings

Strengthening Credit Unions, and bringing back Postal Banking with superior deposit rates that employs knowledgeable...

I agree to disagree with this statement.

Credit Freeze might be an option for those not planning to apply for credit in the near future.

Energy Scams

Utility Scams awareness - How to differentiate between genuine and phishy campaigns?

Utility Scams awareness

Is it the case of financials gone wrong?/Case study to follow soon

We had shared concerns about monopolization when news of Amazon considering purchasing Flipkart came out.

This is another example for rich getting richer. By the way, who coined this term?

When the same CNN polls showed a 10 points lead for Mrs.

Friday discussion in Numbers

Not a Sparky consulting firm