My response:

This post is not to put down the millionaires coming out of these universities, but is shared to suggest people to take a balanced approach while defining success of universities, and success of a person.

This dataset shows share of income earned by top 1%, and how gini coefficient (measures inequality within the country) stacks up between various OECD nations. May be, this is a better reflection of a country, and how education fares rather than number of millionaires coming out of Universities.

Moreover, when everything gets inflated in numbers- for eg. going from $40000 median new home price in 1975 to $300+K now, along with a compensation system favoring buddy system, wealth will be confined to a selected group.

Additionally, US's population of 320 million along with a consumer driven debt based economy on top of using $ as a reserve currency provides opportunity to generate more millionaires. It is also part of the reason we are getting to see more millionaires in China and India lately.